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Face Oil and Sponge

•    Oily Skin: Dry Healing is best. Apply ointment if needed but wait until after the 4th - 5th day. Usually with oily, the natural oils will help keep the brows moist. Thus, applying too much ointment can clog the pores and result in infections, oozing or pigment lifting. If needed, apply thin layers.
•    Dry Skin: On the 4th day, apply thin layers of the ointment using a Q-tip a few times a day or as needed. In this case, less is more. The aftercare ointment should last until AFTER touch up.
•    No contact with water directly on the brows for the first 1-3 days (use shield –in the shower). Avoid having the shower head directly into the face.
•    Limit the time if you take hot showers - you do not want the steam to push out the pigment.
•    Absolutely no products on the brow area until it is completely healed. This includes face wash, any face products, exfoliating, or makeup. Once the brows are completely healed, sunblock is advised to help protect the color and prolong the life of the brows.
•    No workout for the first 7 days - this includes: no steam rooms, no sauna, and no swimming pools.
•    Avoid direct sunlight when brows are peeling. Wear a hat if you are going out.
•    THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE to follow during aftercare is to LEAVE THE BROWS ALONE. You will be tempted to pick at the brows, but if you pick at the brows, you will pull the color before it sets in can heal with discoloration and higher chances of the brows being infected by picking with dirty fingers.
•    TOUCH-UPS are not required but if you choose to do a touchup, you must wait 6 – 8 weeks.
•    ONLY ONE initial touch up will be done (unless it is a correction set). Once you have your touch up after the initial appointment, DO NOT BOOK ANY ADDITIONAL TOUCH UP.

stages of healing


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