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online training course

 basic fundamentals

RA Powderbrow's online ombre powder brows course is designed for both beginners and advance artists packed with information that will change how you create brows for your clients - all in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

You hear it often that nothing is held back and all secrets are laid out on the table. You can expect that here and more with this course, with an added bonus of no expiry to your access. 

ney has personally created this course from start to finish, day in and day out to give you the best, to help give you the confidence to provide quality work each and every time.


You're only one step away from pursuing your happiness. It's never too late to start a career that you will truly fall in love with. WHEN YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO, YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORK ANOTHER DAY IN YOUR LIFE... what are you waiting for?


With your passion and my lessons, together lets turn your dream of being a boss babe, into a reality.



course review:

  • ombre powder brows: basic fundamentals

  • Important information you’ll need after you complete your course

  • Theory + Technique

  • Sanitation

  • Color + Skin Theory

  • 3 Pigment Lines uses & mixtures: perma blend, moniva ivani + li pigments

  • Color correction

  • Access to vendors and student discount

  • Social media + apps

  • Photography + photo apps for editing

  • All of Ney's trade secrets and techniques

course benefits:


  • No expiry - go at your own pace, in your own time

  • Videos and live demonstrations on both new set and correction set

  • Certification after course and practice pad completion

  • On-going after course support

  • Access to support groups + lifetime support

  • Additional shadow day

  • Everything applied during In-Person training is accessible in our online training. 

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